The NACRA 17, fully foiling for Tokyo Olympics 2020!!

NACRA, pushing new boundries in the ultimate fleet racing.....


FOILING NACRA 17Price  £26,190  inc. VAT

Foiling Nacra 17

The NACRA 17, the exclusive Olympic Multihull equipment for the “mixed multihull class” in Rio 2016 and now to be fully foiling for Tokyo 2020!!

ISAF World Cups events, World Championships and additional continental championships where the elite sailors of the World in the catamaran race each other on the Nacra 17, the ultimate Olympic fleet racing. With the second hand market also starting to grow after a fantastic first cycle, the talent of tomorrow also have thier eyes and hearts set on the awesome Nacra 17. 

Designed from scratch the NACRA 17 met and exceeded the specific criteria set out by ISAF for the 2016 Olympic multihull, winning its first massively competitive race to be "The Olympic Multihull". Now having achieved the pinnacle of its first full Olympic cycle the Nacra 17, the ultimate fleet racing performance multihull, has become a firm favorite in the Olympic boat park. 

Curved dagger boards have quickly gained acceptance in catamarans. They have been used mostly on offshore trimarans in the past, and used primarily as a way to increase longitudinal stability and shift underwater center of effort forward to prevent lee-helm downwind.

That was last cycle!! Now with what we've learnt fully foiling utilising four-point Z foils is a real possibilty for 2017 onwards, watch this space for updates....

For the NACRA 17 we originally chose c-foils for the following reasons:

  • C foils have proven to make catamarans easier to sail, especially downwind. They provide lift which helps keep the bows up and reduces the tendency to pitch pole. The extra lift generated from the foil helps reduce hull wetted area and markedly reduces hull drag.


  • C-foils make the boat more exciting to sail. The ISAF Olympic Multihull Evaluation Committee report and individual sailor reports confirms this. There is an added dimension of control and speed that can be attained after gaining some experience sailing with them. We believe that this is an area that should be exploited with a modern racing catamaran.

The hull shape of the NACRA 17 was designed specifically to work in harmony with the C- foils. You can add lifting foils to conventional catamaran hull shapes, but you will not realize the full benefit of the foils. 

The NACRA 17’s new-generation hulls have about 40% greater longitudinal stability than recent conventional shaped catamarans. This increased stability comes without the drag normally associated with creating high longitudinal stability in conventional shapes, and allows the sailors to push the boat much harder downwind.

For more information on where a Nacra Multihull can take you, contact Fluid Boat Services today.


Boat length
5.25 m/17.2 ft
Boat width
2.59 m/8.5 ft
Mast Length
9.00 m/29.5 ft
Area Combined Main + Jib
20.1 m/65.9 ft
Area Spi
19.0 m/62.3 ft